As experts in cutting and processing metals, Groupe TMA accompanies you in the industrial folding of your metal parts. Whether it’s for a single part or a large run, we ensure precision folding, both automated and manual. We put our skill and technology at your disposal for all your tailor-made folding operations.

Using a die and a stamp, our folding presses deform the sheet of metal and carry out folding operations according to your plans. Groupe TMA is not only highly skilled technically; it is also flexible, meeting all your requirements for folding aluminium, steel and stainless steel, from short to large runs.
We produce and deliver metal parts for professionals in the construction sector, public works, the energy industry, agriculture, equipment manufacturers, and many other sectors.
Tolerance standards for folding

manual folding operator

State-of-the-art technology used for 3D folding

Because each of our clients has different projects, we work with manual hydraulic and electric presses and automated folding presses. Our teams make sure they offer customised expertise, selecting the most appropriate technology for producing your parts, whether you need a single part or an entire run.
Our automated folding units are capable of producing the most complex folds, and are suitable for producing repeat runs of parts. The folded metal parts are then moved automatically by the folding robot and placed in crates or on palettes, ready for dispatching.
Groupe TMA is skilled in folding aluminium, steel and stainless steel in lengths of up to 6 metres, with a maximum tonnage of 300 T.

metal folding robot

Your metal parts are checked at each stage of production

Our machines are fitted with virtual assistance for visualising parts in 3D, while a sensor measures and corrects the angle in real time. Additionally, on request, we are able to use non-contact 3D measuring systems for precision checking of all your folded metal parts.

GOM digital control tool

Additional services and finishing for folded sheet

To meet demanding finishing requirements, Groupe TMA fits out its coating tools to order. In addition to our laser cutting and folding services, we also offer machining, assembly, welding, shot-blasting and surface treatment operations for all your metal parts.

automated folding unit