Our engineers and experts in industrial design are at your disposal for comprehensive accompaniment, from the creation of a concept through to its industrialisation. Throughout your project, Groupe TMA’s design office will provide you with personalised advice and meet all your requests efficiently.

Advice on the industrial design of metal parts

Involving our clients as early in the process as possible is essential to the development of our relation of trust with them and our constant improvement in their satisfaction with all the services we provide. Because we want to offer the best possible value for money for your metal parts, our design and methods office advises our clients and directs them towards the most suitable and most economical production solutions.
We are able to design prototypes, machine tools, and all kinds of off-the-shelf and bespoke metal parts because of the close collaboration that we nurture between our clients and our engineers. We are always ready to listen to you; the products we develop incorporate your specific technical, economic and aesthetic requirements.
We are both versatile and responsive, ensuring the co-development and co-design of parts for various sectors, including agriculture, building, public works, the automobile industry, energy, the medical sector, and many more.

Skill in design and 3D modelling

The design office uses state-of-the-art digital equipment for designing and 3D modelling your metal parts. The skill of our teams in technical design combined with their mastery of CAD software enables us to produce even the most complex shapes. Before parts go into production, virtual 3D simulations are carried out to ensure the reliability of the production process.

design office engineer