A new stamping press

Article posted on 24/10/2023, in "Groupe TMA & investments"

Our stamping plant in Chelles (77), has taken delivery of a new stamping press.
Stamping, a process for deforming metal using customized tools, has been part of the TMA Group’s cutting services since 2006. Over the years, our machinery has evolved to meet the needs of our customers with the latest generation of machines.

130-ton stamping press at the TECHNIDEC production site:

This is a rework press, i.e. a press on which an operator manually places a stamped part, activates the stamping tool and removes the stamped part. This press is dedicated to medium production runs, and can cut, stamp and bend metal parts.

A complete machine park

The TECHNIDEC production site, which specializes in stamping, boasts a complete range of machines, including progressive and secondary presses. The engineering department designs and produces the customized tooling required to manufacture mass-produced parts.

To find out more about our technical specifications, dimensions, capacities and achievements, visit our page dedicated to stamping know-how.


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