Groupe TMA has been an industrial subcontractor since 1984, processing steel, stainless steel and aluminium. We accompany you in your projects involving fine sheet-metal working and mechanical welding. From design up to the production of your assemblies and sub-assemblies, our design offices and our experts in precision sheet-metal working will meet all your expectations.

Expertise in made-to-measure fine sheet-metal working

The engineers and technicians at Groupe TMA are at your disposal for the manufacture of made-to-measure parts in sheet metal. You will have the benefit of their expertise and skill at each stage in your project. From design to manufacture, our teams work with you to co-design your metal parts, the systematic aim being to optimise production costs. Our versatility and skill in metalworking jobs enable us to offer our clients a comprehensive service, from design right through to the finish on the parts.
Groupe TMA is a specialist in fine sheet-metal working, capable of cutting, folding, rolling, and assembling metal, and applying surface treatments. We have considerable experience in manual TIG, MIG and MAG welding and spot welding, and we are also able to design and produce assembly and test templates for robotised welding.
On request, we can assemble all your finished products such as cowlings and fairings by riveting, crimping and pinning, with the integration of components and cabling.

assembly of metal parts

Painting and surface treatment for industrial metal-working

Groupe TMA offers industrial painting services for all your metal parts. Applying paint provides lasting protection from corrosion for your parts. Your parts will be prepared prior to painting: degreasing, shot-blasting, washing, phosphating and sanding ensure that the coating adheres properly.
Electrostatic powder coating is the process we use to apply paint to your machined sheet-metal parts and mechanically welded assemblies and sub-assemblies. We have manual booths measuring 2000 mm x 6000 mm as well as automated lines for applying thermo-hardening powder coatings.
On request, we are also able to carry out zinc coating, galvanising, cataphoresis and all other surface treatments used in industrial sheet-metal working.

painting metal