In aiming for customer satisfaction and excellence, Groupe TMA is constantly improving its quality policy.

Its commitment to quality is driven by its ambition to succeed in both economic and human terms.

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of our strategy and remains the focal point of our development.

Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is reflected in the constant improvement in our responses to their industrial demands. Personalised accompaniment enables us to define more precisely their needs, specific tolerances, and the job- or use-specific demands the parts must meet.

quality control of metal parts

Employee motivation and training

Motivation and training are key elements in developing collaboration and teamwork, and are integral parts of our corporate values. Our aim is to involve each employee as a fully responsible player in the quality system and to maintain communication and management methods based on respect for the individual; Groupe TMA categorises its values according to four ‘good’ things:

  • Good faith: its people should speak sincerely and act with an upright sense of purpose
  • Good sense: its people should be able to make good dispassionate judgments when faced with problems they cannot resolve by scientific reasoning
  • Goodwill: its people should be willing to do the right thing happily
  • Good humour: its people should be happy and optimistic, evidenced in the general ambiance and their tone of voice and way of doing things

Process efficiency within Groupe TMA

The efficiency of our processes is reflected in our skill and continuous improvement of all the measures we adopt in favour of customer satisfaction and the profitability of the group. Optimising processes takes the form of constant improvement in keeping to delivery deadlines, cost control and reduction, and improvements in productivity and competitivity.

Certification to ISO 9001 (2015)

Aware of the importance of a trusting relationship between our group, our clients and our partners, we are constantly improving our quality management system.
Groupe TMA earned certification to ISO 9001 in 2008.

A step towards greenness

We are developing our commitment to growth and sustainable development at Groupe TMA: we encourage all our employees to act responsibly and contribute to the introduction of solutions that will optimise our environmental footprint.


In 2021, Groupe TMA joined the top 25% of companies that have been rated by EcoVadis and was awarded the Silver Medal for CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility).
Every year, EcoVadis rates more than 75,000 companies worldwide through the analysis of their environmental, social, ethical and responsible purchasing practices.

By constantly aiming for continuous improvement, Groupe TMA renews its commitments each year by placing customer satisfaction at the heart of its organisation.