Since its creation in 1984, Groupe TMA has developed and achieved a leading position in the cutting and industrial processing of metal. By combining skill and new technologies, Groupe TMA is continuing to grow, placing customer satisfaction at the heart of its strategy.

It was in 1984 that the present CEO, Jacques Butz, introduced oxyacetylene cutting in Alsace.

TMA pioneered laser cutting in France; in the 1990s it became one of the first companies capable of meeting the new market demands.

In seeking to develop by opening new production units and incorporating new jobs, what had been a small business in Alsace became Groupe TMA in 1994.

Key dates in our history


Our customers, employees and partners

Because the main assets of our business are our clients’ trust and the skill, motivation and attitude of our employees and partners, we are committed to developing our strategy for continuous improvement in order to optimise the service we provide, the quality of our services, and our competitivity.

Towards industry 4.0

In 2014

Groupe TMA began renewing its pool of machinery and speeded up its digital transition by concentrating on automation and continuous improvement. By acquiring new laser cutting machinery with automated feed and output of sheets and parts, connected tool stores, and new automated folding units, Groupe TMA has confirmed its determination to move towards industry 4.0.

robotised metal folding unit
Automatic folding unit

In 2019

Groupe TMA adopted a new website and a new logo, symbolising its new dynamism.
At the same time the company continued to develop in the field of thin cutting by investing in an automated punch acknowledged to be the fastest in the world, and an automated folding unit.
With a view to creating extra added value in the oxyacetylene cutting of metals, Groupe TMA has invested in a new machining unit and a turning unit with optional automation.

New metal stamping presses with an optional robot arm and a latest-generation roller have been added to the range of machinery available in our factories.
Groupe TMA constantly seeks to achieve customer satisfaction and implement innovation, and pursues its investment strategy each year. The group currently has 150 employees, and is a leader in the cutting and processing of metals. Groupe TMA also looks beyond national borders, opening up new prospects for growth in nearby countries, particularly Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium and Luxembourg.