A word from the CEO

Beyond the economic dimension, we are constantly looking for innovation and the creation of value, with the sole purpose of satisfying our clients.

United by our common values, which aim to achieve wellbeing, preventive action and social equity, as well as our constant desire to soften our impact on the environment, we have made the undertaking to continue in this path in the coming decades, deliberately and constantly meeting the expectations of the most demanding sectors of the economy, and thereby pursuing the growth of our Group.

Jacques BUTZ

Groupe TMA’s mission

Accompanying our industrial clients

Groupe TMA’s vision

In keeping with our mission and our values, we have undertaken to move our company towards computerised and digital processing by 2025, as part of a more responsible economy.
To meet the requirements of our clients and the market, we invest each year in both latest-generation automated machinery and training for our employees, and recruit employees with new skills and areas of expertise.
To accompany our development, we have also updated our visual identity, the symbol of this dynamic spiral.
As creators of extra added value in the processing of metals, we are guiding the group towards Industrial Excellence in order to serve and develop our client base in France and deploy our efforts in other countries.

automated metal punching machine
Automated punching machine