Robot presses : mass production of parts

Article posted on 24/10/2023, in "Groupe TMA & investments"

What are the features of the stamping robot?

The stamping robot weighs 250 kg and has a load capacity of 6 kg. This six-axis industrial robot, with an action radius of 1.5 m, has the reach and load capacity to be used for parts in a variety of industries.
This stamping robot can be perfectly parameterized to adapt to parts and production stages. It is equipped with a Keyence telemeter to check the position of pallets, evaluate the height of blank and part stacks to determine their number, and search for the position of the part in the stamping tool. This small robot is also equipped with a suction cup for gripping a part.

The stamping robot within the TMA Group

The Technidec production site in Chelles (77), specialized in stamping, has just acquired this robot. It is dedicated exclusively to rework, and is assigned to a highly versatile rework press, opening up the field of possibilities for future robotized parts.

The robot is currently stamping specific parts, and other parts are being studied for robotization.

At the same time, our teams are studying the installation of a new camera to work with bulk parts.

The possibilities offered by this small stamping robot are limitless.

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What are the benefits of using a robot?

Constantly evolving, the TMA Group is constantly improving its processes to ensure customer satisfaction. This objective requires the involvement of each and every one of our employees, who play a key role in the quality of the parts we produce. Every tool is used to facilitate working conditions, as in this case with the help of a robot, reducing the drudgery of an operator’s tasks.
In addition to this significant benefit, the robot performs repetitive actions while producing high-quality parts. Its 24/7 operation produces stamping parts over long periods, while maintaining high performance.

Take a look at some images of this new stamping robot recently installed in our workshop:

To find out more about our technical specifications, dimensions, capacities and achievements, visit our page dedicated to stamping know-how.


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