New bending machine: robotized bending of small metal parts

Article posted on 15/10/2020, in "Innovations & know-how"

A few days ago, we presented our latest investment: an automatic bending center to bend metal in large format. This week, it’s time to bend small metal parts with a brand new robot!

Two robotic arms: even more productivity

Bending metal has never been so fast and efficient. Discover the advantages of robotic bending:
– Efficient for bending large quantities of metal and protecting employees from repetitive tasks
– The machine prepares the tools in autonomy
– Two robotic arms work simultaneously, one bends and the other prepares the part
– Considerable time saving through continuous production
– The bending metal parts are moved via conveyor belt to the packaging box


The technical specifications of the robotic bending cell :

– Bending of large runs of parts up to 300 x 300 mm
– Max. thickness: 6 mm
– Max. weight of the part: 1.5 kg
– Two robotic arms
– Automatic tool preparation
– Loading in hidden time
– Automatic crating

Watch the video of our new equipment: